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    Add:No.5-7-8, Huijinmingdian
               Plaza, Guali, Xiaoshan,
               Hangzhou, Zhejiang

    Zhejiang Pangxin Electric Power and Energy Co.,Ltd is an integrated enterprise who engages in the internal and external marketing of coal and fuel importing.We are founded in November 2007 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. Since establishment,we are devoted to be the first-class national clean energy supply, and we owns the import&export and domestic trade franchise of coal and other commodities. Especially in the coal area,our industry chain has completely includes upstream,medium-stream and downstream,which forms a whole global marketing network.

    Our annual import scale has reached US$300-500million,and with operation revenue up to 3 billion Yuan.We also got the fuel oil license from Ministry of Commerce to extend our business to fuel oil importing area.Meanwhile,we continue to step forward under diversification strategy,we begin to expand our importing business to chemistry and chemical intermediates,methyl alcohol and agricultural sideline products.



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